Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"50" Years Praise the Lord

 Because Doug and Andrea eloped they did not get to cut the wedding for their 50th they get to cut it for the first time. And of course they got all dressed up for the occasion.

Oh no I'm not eating that from your hand I know you too well

C'mon trust me!!! mmmmm

Our three son's Mike in the green,  Byron in blue and Zach in red.

And their wives, Tiff in pink, Lisa in blue and Tammy in white

The gang's all here......Oh wait we are missing someone......oh yeah Hannah, I think Sasha is behind Sophie oops
17 grandkids and counting.....?????

Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers.

There's Sasha :)

 A few friends showed up I wish I got more pic's of those but these are the only ones I got. The Bloomers Mama and Bradley and Freedom.

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Sophie and Esther two weeks apart, Sophie is older.

Izzy and cousin Ben

Uncle Jack and Aunt Jane, Jane is Doug's little sister.  They have 3 children all grown and married with children..6 grandchildren and counting we hope....John, Josh, and Ann  John was unable to be here.

Josiah and 3rd or 4th cousin Keith... Lenard and RuthAnn's  Second son.  Keith is Married to Mitzi and they have 2 girls Doran and Quinzy and His oldest daughter is JennyAnn.

This is Lenard and Ruth Ann Woltersdorf, Doug's cousin.  They have two 2 boys Kurt and Keith.  Kurt is married and lives in florida with his wife.

Papa and Naomi and Lydia

Ruth Ann, Lenard, Doug, Andrea, Jack and Jane

Zach's cousin's Josh, Zach, Ann, Byron, Mike, and Keith........John and Kurt are missing.

Super Star's

Ann was missing her baby so she held mine.

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  1. Hey,
    So good to see a post here! What a wonderful blessing to be married for 50 years. Congrats to Mr and Mrs W!

    Loved seeing pictures of everyone. Maybe someday soon we'll get to actually meet the rest of y'all! :)

    PS You are such a beautiful mom!

    God bless you richly as you live to serve Him.

    Mallory Whiddon